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25 March 2024

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A Plus Tutorial: Redefining Excellence in Chinese Learning in Vancouver

A Plus Tutorial: Redefining Excellence in Chinese Learning in Vancouver

Despite the difference in our rates compared to the traditional Chinese schools in Metro Vancouver, A Plus Tutorial continues to attract a steady influx of new students each year. Beyond the promise of a more enjoyable learning journey and more efficient progress, here are 10 reasons why A Plus Tutorial stands out as the excellence in Chinese language education.


  1. Rigorous Instructor Selection

    Our instructors undergo meticulous interviews and assessments to ensure they possess the necessary teaching and communication skills in both Chinese and English.


  1. Small Class Sizes

    With a maximum of 5 students per class, each student receives more personalized attention and guidance from the instructor, fostering a deeper understanding of individual learning needs compared to larger class settings.


  1. Comprehensive Learning Records

    Following every session, our instructors would document individual student progress, providing tailored feedback and tracking advancement over time.


  1. Flexible Class Scheduling

    Small class sizes enable us to offer flexible scheduling options, accommodating the diverse schedules of our students.


  1. Customized Instruction

    Our teaching methods and curriculum are tailored to suit the specific needs and interests of each class, encouraging student engagement and maximizing learning outcomes.


  1. Adaptive Pacing

    Progression within each class is tailored to the learning pace of students, ensuring thorough comprehension and mastery of concepts without rushing through the curriculum.


  1. Parental Engagement

    Following each session, our instructors would provide parents with updates on their child’s performance and offer guidance for effective at-home practice.


  1. In-house Material Development

    Our teaching materials, developed in-house, are tailored specifically for students in the Vancouver area, ensuring they resonate with their cultural and educational background, interests, and needs


  1. Professional Support Team

    Backed by a team of skilled instructors and administrative staff, our Chinese classes maintain high standards of quality and provide comprehensive support for diverse student needs.


  1. Program Oversight

    Supervised by our Program Director, our entire Chinese program receives continuous evaluation and feedback, driving ongoing improvements in teaching quality and program effectiveness.


At A Plus Tutorial, we are committed to delivering top-tier Chinese language education, empowering students to achieve their maximum potential in the shortest time possible. For those seeking excellence in Chinese learning, A Plus Tutorial is the premier choice.

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