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28 May 2023

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Fostering Students’ Interest in Learning Chinese through Personalized Learning and Innovative Methods

Fostering Students’ Interest in Learning Chinese through Personalized Learning and Innovative Methods

Many parents have expressed concerns about the traditional teaching methods and curriculum employed by well-established Chinese schools in Metro Vancouver. These methods often fail to effectively cater to children who were born or grew up in Canada. At A Plus Tutorial, we recognize this gap and have developed a customized curriculum specifically tailored to meet the needs of local students. Our goal is to ignite their interest in learning Chinese by creating an engaging and enjoyable learning environment.



Customized Curriculum


What sets us apart from other Chinese schools is our customized curriculum. We understand the importance of practice in language learning, so we incorporate interactive activities such as dialogues, role-playing, storytelling, tongue twisters, speeches, and the use of audiovisual teaching aids to enhance our students’ language skills. Additionally, we will learn about history, culture, and traditions and customs, sharing stories related to festivals like the Mid-Autumn Festival and Dragon Boat Festival. This approach provides students with a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture.



Effective Course Management


To ensure the quality of our curriculum, teaching materials, and instructors, we have a dedicated Program Director who oversees their development and implementation. The Program Director also maintains regular communication with parents to gather feedback on the classes. We believe in continuous improvement, and parents and students feedback play a crucial role in refining our curriculum and materials.



Qualified Instructors

Not only do our instructors possess strong Chinese language skills, but their English communication skills were also assessed before they were invited to join our team. This ensures they can deliver content effectively in both Chinese and English.


We understand that each student has unique needs, so our instructors take the time to understand their backgrounds and requirements, allowing them to tailor each lesson accordingly.



Thoughtful Class Placement


While students are generally assigned to classes based on their proficiency level, we also consider the ratio of Chinese spoken at home when placing students. This approach ensures that students who primarily speak English at home can learn with confidence.


We also take age into account when assigning students to classes, as significant age differences often result in different learning styles. By placing students in separate classes, we facilitate their individual learning experiences.



Flexible Schedule and Class Duration


Unlike many Chinese schools that follow a rigid semester system, A Plus Tutorial offers Chinese classes throughout the year. We adjust the pace of each class based on the students’ progress, and allow new students to join at any time to ensure a more efficient learning process.


Additionally, we recognize that longer class durations can be challenging for younger students. Therefore, our beginner-level classes are 1-hour long, enabling students to maintain better focus and engagement.



Tailored Teaching Materials


To address the unique needs of our students, we have developed our own teaching materials specifically tailored to those born or raised locally. Many Chinese schools in Metro Vancouver use textbooks designed for students in Hong Kong, China or Taiwan. Our materials incorporate pronunciation aids such as jyutping or pinyin, and we have an Instagram page for beginner-level courses to help students improve their pronunciation.


For new immigrant students with a higher level of Chinese proficiency, we offer materials suitable for their specific level. This personalized approach enables effective and targeted learning.



Engaging Homework Assignments


Our homework assignments encompass a variety of formats, including traditional paper-based exercises, audio recordings, video presentations, speeches, and real-life activities such as ordering food or shopping in Chinese. By diversifying the homework assignments, we make learning more enjoyable and interactive while improving students’ oral expression and confidence.



Comprehensive Assessment and Parental Involvement


In addition to traditional paper-based tests and exams, our instructors employ various activities to assess students, especially at the beginner’s level. This approach avoids unnecessary pressure during assessments, allowing students’ performance to truly reflect their language skills. Furthermore, at the end of each class, our instructors would go over key topics covered, evaluate students’ performance, homework assigned, and any preparation required for the next class. We are always available for detailed conversations. Parents may always set up meetings with the instructor and the Program Director to have a comprehensive understanding of their child’s learning progress.



Supportive Catch-Up Sessions


We understand that students may occasionally miss classes due to illness or other reasons. At A Plus Tutorial, we value each student’s learning experience and progress. When a student misses a class, we may offer them a free 30-minute catch-up session to ensure they get up to speed and ready to join the next class.



Small Class Size


To provide personalized attention and care, we have adopted a small class system with a maximum of 5 students per class. This allows our instructors to better understand each student’s learning needs and design their teaching approach accordingly. The smaller class size not only enhances students’ learning outcomes but also stimulates their interest and confidence in learning Chinese.



Flexible Private Lessons


In addition to small group classes, we offer private lessons that provide a flexible and personalized learning environment. Students can choose to learn one-on-one or share a class with friends or siblings. Private lessons allow teachers to tailor their approach to address each student’s specific needs and weaknesses, promoting individualized attention and improvement. The duration and frequency of private classes can be arranged based on the student’s needs, further facilitating their learning journey.



At A Plus Tutorial, our innovative approaches to class organization, schedules, and management methods differentiate us from other Chinese schools. With our carefully designed curriculum and dedicated instructors, we ensure that our students have a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience. If you want you or your child to learn Chinese in an encouraging and supportive environment, enroll at A Plus Tutorial today!

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